Maglio Christopher and Toale, P.A. has represented hundreds of patients across the country who have defective hip replacements.  These cases typically involve problems with the way the hip replacement was either designed or manufactured.

Recent high profile examples include the DePuy ASR recall and settlement, the DePuy Pinnacle Hip trial awarding five victims almost $500 million dollars, and the Biomet Hip replacement.

Our attorneys have litigated against almost all of the manufacturers in the orthopedic industry. We have developed contacts within the orthopedic community, an understanding of how that community works, and we’ve gained extensive medical and technical knowledge about these defective orthopedic hip replacements.

Complications from MoM Hip Replacements


Cobalt Chromium Metal Poisoning

Warning about metal poisoning from your MoM hip implant. High levels of cobalt and chromium debris in your bloodstream can be dangerous. Know the symptoms and the blood test levels that can indicate a medical problem in your body.

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Pseudotumors are a common complication of metal on metal hip replacements. Pseudotumors are described as a large solid or semi-liquid mass surrounding the hip implant. Learn about the symptoms that indicate you may have a pseudotumor.

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Hip Stem Fractures

Has your hip implant snapped or broken? Some metal hip replacements have a very high incidence of snapping into several pieces. It’s a horrible complication and the FDA has even issued a Class 1 recall of some modular stems. Find out if your hip is one of the recalled brands.

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Types of Defective Metal on Metal Hips

Biomet M2a Magnum

$56 million dollar settlement offered if you filed a claim in court by June 13, 2014.  Even if you missed the settlement deadline, we are still accepting “out-of-deadline” cases.

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DePuy Pinnacle

In March 2016 a jury in Dallas, Texas awarded a $500 million dollar verdict to five patients with defective Pinnacle hip implants.

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Stryker Rejuvenate & ABG II

$1.43 billion dollar settlement announced.  We accept cases not covered by the settlement dates.

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Wright Medical Profemur Fractures

FDA issued a Class 1 recall because of snapping or fracturing of the hip implant at the stem.

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depuy-asr-hip-recall-one_th$2.5 billion dollar settlement only applies to patients who had a revision surgery BEFORE January 31, 2015. We accept cases NOT covered by the settlement deadlines.

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Zimmer Durom

Our attorneys filed the FIRST metal on metal hip replacement lawsuit in the United States in a case against the Zimmer Durom implant.

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Wright Medical Conserve

First recalled in 2004 because of defects in the cup. Now patients are reporting metal poisoning from the Conserve implants.

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Let our Defective Hip Replacement Attorneys review the details of your situation.

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Questions to Ask a Metal on Metal Hip Recall Attorney

Is There a Deadline to File a Defective Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

Yes, absolutely.  There is a limited period of time to file a lawsuit for injuries suffered as the result of a defective product.  Do not delay in getting more information because it could hurt your case.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

Our Firm will review your information to determine if we can represent you.  We might even be able to review some of your medical information over the phone. Often, we need the following documentation:

  • The orthopedic surgeon’s office chart
  • The operative reports for the original joint replacement surgery and the revision surgery (if performed)
  • The device record for the original surgery from the hospital chart (this shows the product and lot numbers of the components of the device).
  • If you have the hip device, we would like to see pictures of it.

We can help you track down many of these records.  Once our attorneys complete your review, they’ll be able to tell you if we can represent you in your case. Because each case is so different, there’s no one formula to determine if you do or don’t have a viable case.  However, we will give your our honest assessment and will not agree to represent you if we do not believe that you have a case.

Why Hire This Law Firm?

Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. has focused its practice on defective hip replacement cases for over a decade.  Our Firm filed the first lawsuit involving a modern generation model metal on metal hip replacement in the United States in 2008. Find out what kind of experience any law firm you are considering has in litigating orthopedic joint replacement cases.

Will the attorney come to me wherever I live?

One of our attorneys working on your case will travel to you and meet with you in the comfort of your home or nearby if you prefer. Our visit lets us get to know you and your family better. Understanding how your defective hip implant has hurt your every day life helps us make a stronger case for you in court.

Will you refer my case out to someone else?

No. Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. is not a referral mill.  Our attorneys represent injured clients across the country in medical product cases. We work in partnership with the Kansas City, Missouri law firm of Nash & Franciskato on all metal on metal hip replacement cases. Our Firms do this to more effectively represent our clients across the nation with defective metal on metal hip replacements.  Our attorneys are your direct contact in all aspects of your case.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Our Firm For a Defective Hip Replacement Case?

There is no cost to you unless you win money from a verdict or a settlement. Our Firm charges a percentage of any settlement or judgment. If you do not receive any compensation at the end of the lawsuit, we get NO FEE and you owe us NOTHING. Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A. does not make a practice of referring out our cases to other law firms. We represent YOU.

Why Our Law Firm Does NOT Sue Orthopedic Surgeons

We do not represent patients in lawsuits against orthopedic surgeons because in defective hip replacement cases, the problem is with the device itself. Often your orthopedic surgeon can be an asset to your case. We believe these companies misled surgeons about the safety of their hip products. That’s why we limit our representation strictly to prosecuting manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of defective joint replacements.

Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Attorneys

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40 Years Experience in Arbitration and Mediation of Complex Civil Cases
Ilyas Sayeg Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Attorney
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